Save Character Customization


I’m a beginner in ue4 and I need help in my game

I’m making a mobile game in which there are characters customizations as in hats glasses and of course different characters

I want the player to be able to change characters and there’s customization as if he making a new character

Question A: how can I do that?

Question B: can I change a static_mesh with another and save the changes for future gameplay if yes how I can do that?

Hi man , Sure you can

You should have a default character.
And a event inside to load the Customizations.

You have to create a savegame that contain a structure of data , that contain the customization, like a list of static meshes and where they are , and their material.
When you create the char , create a custom event for LOAD_custom_N
When you call this event he have to search for the savegame_N and loop from all the stuff inside , and add static meshes on your char, or set them, and attach them to the actor.

So , Learn to
Create savegames
Create structure of data
Save the structure in the savegames
Load the savegames
Use a loop to load all the info in thestruct from the savegame and crreate static meshes