Save And LOAD Levels

If anyone know how to doing AUTO SAVE when you pass one level and how to load it from MAIN MENU with BUTTON blueprint

for example: i pass level 2 and now i am level 3 but i press the but in level MAIN MENU after in main menu i have Choises like START GAME ,LOAD GAME so when i press load game i would like to start from there when i stop it … its not action game but its match 3 game if anyone know any video or have a blueprint script please help me thanks for reading this message ( i know my english is BAD ) and sorry

make levels, some ui, gameplay logic
then make saves, it would save you a lot of time and smooth learning process.

ok check this
here is the blueprint codes what i have in game i think this is working right

when i press the button in game to going back to menu

This button i know is newbie button that is the reason i am looking what blueprint script is missing there

and the last here is the Menu where i press the button LOAD to going back to level where i stop it

And here is the SaveGameWidget
save5.jpg has more details on saving and loading data, but it looks like you already have that part working.

I see that you are loading the save game data into a variable called M3 Save Game Instance, but I don’t see how or where are you using it for the load level stuff. If you want to load the next level, you need to connect some logic to the level name pin on the Open Level node that will generate the name of your desired level based on the save game data.

If you want to restore the state of a level exactly how a user left it, then you need to store all the information about the level you need so that when you load it, you can rebuild it. This is rather specific to your project however. I’d start by making a function that rebuilds the level based on some form of data and once you have that working, simply save out that data needed in your save game logic and on load, run that function with the data from your save game.

You are saving level as an int; would be easier for you to simply save a Name value and use the OpenLevel node with the name loaded from the slot file.

i would like to try your auto-save plugin but i dont know if that its gonna work or not please let me know , i would like to save levels when you finish one level to doing autosave and when you exit and you go back again in game to press LOAD GAME to start from your saved level

Thanks for interest on my plugin; but look, you don’t really need a plugin for this type of game.
All you need is to save a Name variable to a SaveGame blueprint then after loading, attach the Name variable to that “Level Name” input field in your Graph and it will work. It’s pretty simple really.

If you don’t know how to create .sav files, yeah my plugin can do that for you; if you want send me a zip file of your project only with the **Config, Content, Source folders + .uproject **file; then I show you with screenshots what you have to do. Zip only those folders and PM me.

thanks for everything Bruno XaVIer i send you already the PM , Wish you the Next Year all the Best thinks

You are using a game template made by someone else I see;
In the main game logic he have already a save/load scheme setup which overwrites the loading system you are trying to make. You will have to contact template developer and ask him to make the changes you want because there’s already save/load code in there. Talk to him about it.

he never answer he is not online mate … long time … the only man who can help me is you br0 … just let me know if that auto-save plugin is work imposible to save and to load automatic i try so many times nothing work, please try with your plugin and let me know if that work to save with that and to load it … i dont like to buy it and after not work