Save all in pie plz!

It will be awesome if there is a way to save all while playing pie.

Yea there is Keep Simulation Changes, but it will not save everything changed while playing pie, like spawned new actors, deleted actors, meshes etc…

So can you please add save all in pie ,or update Keep Simulation Changes to save all, it will save my life, and thanks for your amazing work for this amazing engine

like save all to the original world outliner

Cant wait for this feature, I pray everyday for this

This could come in handy…

Yup, sounds useful to me as well! It’d make interactive editing smoother.

I believe this is not something easy to implement as it sounds, but I still think it will be a nice addition to PIE mode.

Not sure if possible.

  • You can’t just “save spawned actors” from gameplay, it shouldn’t ever work this way. It would open the gate to hell and a lot of issues. I’m not sure if you’re aware how much stuff is spawned and changed in runtime.
  • Even levels aren’t exactly the same thing while playing in PIE, with every level instance having “PIE_” prefix in its address, etc. One of the reasons you can’t use Server Travel while in PIE.

Perhaps there’s something else that could be done to improve your workflow? Why you need requested feature so badly? :slight_smile:

Hey, because my project is similar to animating software and a game combined like when kids play with their dolls if you want it in short.
like it will be awesome to save the changed landscape while in pie or the spawned or deleted actors.
We have an amazing feature called keep simulation changes but it sadly don’t save the spawned or deleted actors
It will be awsome if there is an option to check and uncheck the feature to save all while in pie.