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In UE4, the Save All button was always visible so it was easy to click it every now and then to save both your level and any changed assets in the Content Browser.

UE5 has carried the same buttons across, the Save All button on the Content Browser and the Save button on the toolbar at the top. The problem now with the hidden Content Browser is that now the Save All button is hidden. So in order to ensure you save everything from time to time (in case the editor crashes), you have to open the Content Browser first. The Save button on the toolbar doesn’t cut it as it only saves the level.

I know it’s just an extra step to access the Save All button, however this extra step results in saving less often, because humans are inherently lazy by nature. Saving less often is a bad thing as all it takes is an editor crash and you can lose hours of work, just simply by forgetting to hit the Save All button as it is hidden… out of sight, out of mind.

To solve the issue, I believe the Save button on the toolbar should be the Save All button. I can’t think of a scenario where you would want to save your level, but not the blueprints and other assets you’ve created as well.

I do like the idea of being able to hide the content browser while editing the map but personally I don’t use that feature.

since it seems like you are editing your blueprints and requiring a save you might prefer to have the old style where you can have your content browser on display at all times, you can do that by going to “Window/Content Browser/Content Browser (1/2/3/4)” … you can go a step further and dock it to the side by right clicking it and selecting “move to sidebar”, but that just puts you back to your original issue.

also “ctrl+shift+s” is a SaveAll shortcut

A save all button where it is visible at all times would be pretty sweet. Put it right next to the save level button.

Personally, I think it is cumbersome UX-wise to put it in the content drawer.

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Hi @wilberolive,
Whist in UE5 you can go back to the Classic UE4 layout.
From the UE5 Editor Menu Window → Load Layout → Classic UE4 Layout.
Your favourite “Save All” button is back
when you want back to UE5 Editor then Menu Window → Load Layout → Default Editor Layout

See below

Yep, understand. Already aware of that but that is not the issue. I like the UE5 layout. I just don’t like the fact that it now hides the Save All button. This button needs to be moved to the toolbar.

Hey guys!

In case you are still interested, I made a small plugin that enables such a button.
Check it out here:


I have another issue

shift +ctrl + s is assigned to my AMD Radeon graphic driver console, when I press it, it opens the Radeon sidebar instead of saving it all in unreal.

I think I will try out your plugin instead-but shortcuts are always handy.