Save a randomly generated item at runtime?

Hey Devs,

I’m working on a plant breeding system that will take two parent plants and output a baby based on parent traits. I need to be able to save the fruit mesh, material, as well as “traits” it has such as spicy, poisonous, ect.

The way it works now is with a data table that has all of the ‘parent’ plant information. For now, it pulls out two parents, and returns a baby plant with a mix of traits. I have it working in string form, and (almost) working in mesh form (it only generates a random fruit, materials don’t change and traits are not stored at all) Here is a video showing those systems so far. UPP Unreal Editor 11 11 2017 3 08 20 PM - YouTube

Before I get any further I want to know how I’ll save the output plant as a new item, so the player can pick up the generated fruit, and use it just like any other item in the game.

My pickup items are made using the two BPs bp_item_master (item class) and bp_pickup_master. tldr, the item class holds the information, and the pickup one is the one actually in my scene that gets set to whatever class I need it to be. I’m attaching a screenshot of the two of them in case it’s helpful. alt text (I made this before my plants had attributes, so maybe I’ll have to add those here, but I can do that later if need be)

If you can help me, thank you so much in advance!! I feel like I’m so close, but I just can’t figure it out…!