Save £69 on IKinema RunTime-Indie, offer available during GDC San Francisco

Hi guy’s,

We have an awesome RunTime-Indie campaign right now to celebrate IKinema at GDC in San Fran. This offer is exclusively for individual indie devs and small teams, you don’t have to be out at the show to bag it. Just jump online and enter this code: RTI-GDC16 to get your 30% discount.

RT-Indie tech is identical to RunTime used by AAA studios, they’re loving it and you guy’s will too!

What it does and what you get
– Advanced full-body IK for foot placement, locomotion, look-at, pointing of weapons, climbing and loads more
– Simplified workflow
– All rig creation and tuning within Unreal Editor
– Toolset comes with ready made nodes eg, foot placement, look-at and pointing of weapons, as well as the core solver node to build any behaviour
– Apply to any character, human, spider, quadruped or anything exotic
– Full documentation and FAQ is here

Here’s to incredible games!