Sattelite image to fit terrain?

Hi, I am new to unreal and am trying to make a map with a mountain road from real-life data. So far so good, but when I am trying to apply a satellite image to the terrain I can’t seem to get it to fit to the terrain correctly. Even though both the heightmap and satellite image are 2017x2017 in size, no matter what scaling value I give, it doesn’t seem to want to fit and line up correctly with the heightmap.

I thought I figured it out when i realised that the rotation was wrong, but even when I rotate the image it still doesn’t want to fit correctly. As mentioned earlier, I am new to unreal so I apologies for the basic explanation. I’ll add some images below that may explain what I’m doing wrong. If anyone knows of another method of applying this Sat image, that would also be really appreciated, thanks!

While this tut on youtube followed a slightly different method, likely it may answer your questions:

Op goes at a wonderful pace instead of racing through like so many youtube tuts do, and he’s very methodical. Hope it helps,if not feel free to come back .

Thanks for the reply neighborlee! I have been able to figure out what I was doing wrong! Instead of using TexCoord I should have been using LandscapeCoords and then inputting my image resolution! With that being said, I watched the video you linked anyway and although his method is slightly different, his explanation has given me a much better understanding of some of the stuff I’ve been doing which is really helpful! I think I might try his method with world composition at some point as well.

I have a couple of other questions for this project I’m working on that you may be able to help with, would I be better making a new post rather than asking you this thread? Cheers!

You can continue asking here as relates to topic &/or feel free to come to my discord channel,can’t guarnatee we can mic chat but I’m trying hard get that going,which would be awesome and faster most likely.