[Satsuma Audio] Experienced, Creative Music + SFX Provider

Hey all!

I am an experienced composer + sound design for games, I’ve been doing game audio for around 8+ years now, worked on 30+ titles.

I love working on all kinds of games, anything from dark, brooding horror soundtracks to cosy woodland animal farming games (especially these). I can compose orchestral, synth, chiptune, metal, ambient etc. I have yet to be stumped by a challenge (and I have had some difficult ones!).

My rates are flexible and affordable and I’m always willing to work something out that works for both of us on projects which look fun and/or interesting to work on!

Demo reel here -

My full portfolio is on my site —>

Still on the lookout for new projects :slight_smile:

Currently looking for new projects!
Here’s a recent chilled acoustic track I made for upcoming farming game ‘Dinkum’ -