Satellite: Imager

In 2033, mankind launched the first satellite to Alpha-Centauri B. Using the latest in quantum communications, fusion, and state of the art imaging systems, Project Breakaway has now arrived, 20 years later. Ready to take high detailed scans of planets within the habitable zone, it is now ready to full-fill its promise to all of humanity.
Presenting the Satellite: Imager! This prop package features a blueprint-based imaging satellite actor, designed with hierarchical static meshes for optimization, a particle thruster effect, as well as the ability to chose your own audio for the thrusters. As the satellite prop is for imaging, it also has a camera, which you can choose the distance from the satellite for those up close and personal videos of your players. There are also three custom events in the blueprint for casting from the level blueprint.

The package features 5 textures, 2 normal maps, 2 master materials, 2 regular materials, 6 material instances. It also features a particle system for the thrusters as well as an audio .wav and CUE. The satellite itself consists of 10 static meshes, and a static mesh for the particle effect.

As a bonus, I have also included a sample StarBox skymap as well as a dust type planet, with its own master material, material instance, and BP!

Price for the package? $4.99