SATELLITE COMMAND | Stormtide Games' debut title! [Steam, iOS and Android]

For the last few months I’ve been lead developer on this title, Stormtide’s debut game ‘Satellite Command’. It’s a hardcore simulation / arcade hybrid for Apple iPad and Android Tablets, and we think we’ve done something pretty interesting. It has a steep learning curve, but rocket science isn’t easy and we’re still thinking of new ways to make it more approachable to people who don’t fully understand the physics and planning of Space.

We’re keeping development active on the game and already have a bunch of ideas of what to include in the first update. I’m hoping to throw some keys along to Alexander a bit later so he can dish them out amongst the community, if not I may appear from time to time and throw some around!

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Launch Trailer

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Our first patch is going live as we speak, which brings a whole bunch of features and fixes with it.

See full release notes here:

Awesome game and nice update! :smiley: Good luck! :slight_smile:

just awesome! will download it for sure!

Just to let y’all know, Satellite Command is not only coming to Steam but will also be at EGX this year!