Satellite Command is in Alpha, join our testing team!

Hey folks!

For quite some time now myself and the rest of the team at Stormtide have been working on a Satellite Simulation game for Android and iOS - and we’ve finally entered our Alpha testing phase!

Satellite Command gives you the power to manage and control a fleet of satellites in Earth Orbit. Plan orbits, launch satellites and carefully manage resources in the harsh environment of space to complete Missions and Contracts - and slowly build up your agency to a super-organisation of ever more powerful satellites.

Join Here!
Once approved, you’ll be able to download the Alpha from the Google Play store!


We’re really trying to push the visual quality bar for mobile games, and over the next few weeks we’ll be patching in new content and various improvements and fixes based on the feedback we receive. Our in-game telemetry system will provide us with all the details we need on the balance of the game play, and combined with your feedback we hope to build a truly addictive and game-changing experience!

The Alpha version currently supports Android Lollipop (5.0) and above, and we aim to add support for Vulcan as soon as possible alongside our additional upcoming features. iOS support will be coming soon after. Thanks everyone!

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Looks awesome! Applied for testing. Maybe i can find some bugs to drive you even more insane :smiley: