SANTA: What Terrors of The Future?

Hey y’all!

so I’m trying to advertise a lil bit for my newest game “SANTA”, where you play as one of Santas elfs as you try to find him and save the human race.

Heres the trailer:

And heres the link to the game on Steam Greenlight:

The year is 3268. Meteors from across the galaxy have pelted the earth to a pulp, leaving radiation to slowly wipe out the human race. Santa, having the magic needed to save humans, decides to take enough children back to the North Pole to repopulate the earth when the meteors have stopped falling. He freezes them and one trusted Elf, using nearly all his magic, only saving enough to un-freeze them when the time is right. The radiation then takes hold of Santa leaving his one Elf to save save him and the children from the doom of mankind.

Hope you guys like the idea, please watch the trailer, and support it when I put it on Steam Greenlight (which will be quite soon), and I would absolutely LOVE to hear your ideas or input down in the comments below .

Thank you all, and merry Christmas

HappyPixel Games-