Santa Time | Christmas themed 2D sidescroller - Testing/Feedback

Hey guys!
So I’ve made my first app and I’ve decided to make the push and try get it out there.
Spent a few days putting it together, cleaning it and breaking it

Overall its a pretty simple and basic game; a 2D sidescroller called Santa Time. Basically you fly across the map delivering presents by dropping them on chimneys, collecting cookies for health increasing your score and you avoid crashing and killing santa, as you do. Oddly enough, time doesn’t play a factor.

Currently I have the HTML5 version available at and here’s a direct to link to the Android testing version on Google Play -
I’m hoping it’s at a stable enough level for most to enjoy, so I’d love if you were to share your experience.

I know there is work to do but I’ll be updating almost daily for some time and keeping a close eye on feedback.

Thank you in advance if you check out the app and even more so for those who give feedback!

Any suggestions, tips, questions? Would love to and hope to hear them soon! Cheers.

Hey there,

played it a few minutes. It’s freaking hard :smiley: I guess you could improve the overall gameplay if the chimneys would be better visible. So maybe
zoom out a bit. I missed like 20 chimneys just because of not seeing them and if i fly low enough to see them i eventually crash into the next building.

But overall, it’s funny and stable (: keep going!

Hey eXI!
Cheers for the feedback! Agreed on some of the chimneys been too low, initially I intended to give bonuses depending on which type of house you delivered to, e.g. purple been the lowest of all the houses, it would give you a greater score than say the green houses.
I got very caught up in ensuring that it was at least playable, so my focus on game play got spread a little thin - Focusing on optimizing game play now though, so thank you for your suggestion and I’m glad you found it amusing! :slight_smile:
Cheers for the support!

It’s a good path you took. Ensuring that a game is working is way more important than fixing the GamePlay. Changing the height of an object in the game is no big deal once the game works.

Keep being awesome mate (: