Sandbox Project

I always wanted to make a first person rp sandbox game. Years ago i used to play in Garry’s Mod darkRP server.
Obviously im going to try my best to make it different but i always wanted to make something with that style.

Building, Jobs, In-Game programming and hopefully a lot more things.

If you want to join i’m always up for ideas on how to make this better or different from other games.

At the moment i am the only one working on this project as a programmer. I do have a lot of experience in c++/ bp,
and I do have a lot of code done.

I’m looking for someone who can help me with this project. I’m not looking for someone who is already working on a project,
and no i do not want to join anyone else project.

If your interested please email me or skype…skeet92 or steam : SrA Johnson

Like i said i am the only one working on this project so all positions are currently open.