Sandbox MMO Idea ( My Video Game Idea )

Here’s mine : When you lock-on to or enter any battle zone, you hear all of the mics of the players in that battle and those players can hear your mic. Outside of battle, you hear the mic of any player that you lock on to and that player can hear your mic. You hear the mic of everybody in your party/guild at all times even if their locations are completely different. You can mute the mic of everybody or anybody that you want at all times.

To hear people’s mics outside of battle, you can either lock onto other players or expand an open mic zone. You can only create an open mic zone if you are not within an open mic zone. Open mic zones create an invisible barrier, that doesn’t block anything, that allows other players to join open mic parties. All you have to do is press a button to join, then your mic and the mic of everyone in the open mic zone can be heard. Open mic parties are different from regular parties or guilds because once you exit the open mic zone, you are no longer part of the party. All mute options are always available when it comes to mics.

There is customization of height, kid/adult, fat/skinny, clothes, equipment, armor, appearance, weapons, abilities, moves, skills, magic, and summons. Character appearance customization is similar to the game God Eater 2 and the game Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization. You get to create up to 4 characters. You control one character and can have any of your other characters in your party. Their AI can be set in a way that is similar to the game Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. You can play the game being any of the characters that you created. You can switch between controlling any character in your party at any time. You can choose not to control any character during battle, just set your character to AI.

To progress in the story, you have to travel to certain locations where you can talk to a NPC character who lets you enter servers that warp you to whatever section of the story that you’re up to. Each server holds a limited amount of players and each server holds players that are all the same levels within intervals of 10 (example: server 1 - levels 1-10, server 2 - levels 10-20). You can always enter servers of any level higher than your level, but you can’t enter servers that are any levels lower than it indicates that aren’t your level. Certain things can be acquired through completion of different parts of the story. There are plenty of side stuff, hidden stuff, and optional stuff both in the story and not part of the story. There are places that have gates and portals similar to the .hack: infection game that lets you choose servers to try dungeons, etc.

To battle/fight, you either attack someone/something or are attacked by someone/something. No character/player will gain exp unless that character/player lands at least one hit on the opponent. That hit must be a hit, even if the damage dealt is 0, and not damage done by status effects. When you’re in a battle, the battle zone radius is automatically set according to the location of the first participants. Only the first battle participants can lock a battle zone and at any time that they want.

Locked battle zones have an invisible barrier that keeps the battle participants inside, all else are blocked from entering. If the battle zone is unlocked, any other player/character can join the battle and gain exp. You can only gain exp if you’re in the same battle zone as the enemy that you defeated when you defeat that enemy. Enemies have a set amount of exp that is given for defeating them. If an enemy is defeated by more than one participant, the exp gets split among those participants equally. If there are no players in a battle zone for over 2 minutes, it is no longer a battle zone. There are harsh environments that your character may not be able to withstand. The item “magic battle zone lock” creates a locked battle zone, with you inside it, that keeps out fire, water, and etc.

A player can’t attack another player that isn’t an enemy unless that player achieves “G” status or challenges another player to a fight/battle. To challenge another player to a fight/battle, you must be close enough to the other player, lock-on to the other player, choose the option to challenge that player, and expand a battle zone where all the players within it have to choose the option to accept the challenge for the battle to begin. The battle music options for this battle can be voted/agreed upon or a participant’s playlist is chosen at random. “G” status is achieved when your bar/meter fills from attacking and being attacked. This bar/meter is for specials and “G” status is a special that everyone is able to use. If you have “G” status, you’re an ally to everyone in the battle zone until you attack another player.

“Gs’” can’t lock any battle zone that they have attacked an ally in. “Gs” gain complete exp of anything that they defeat unless those “Gs” didn’t attack any allies. “G” status lasts for 11 minutes. If a “G” is defeated, that “G” loses “G” status, is no longer an enemy, and can be revived by anyone. “Gs” can’t steal/mug anything from other players unless they are a King/Queen, Boss, or elite character. They also can’t steal/mug anything from other players unless they are doing an agreed/accepted player battle. If 4 or more “Gs” attack allies in a battle zone, that battle zone achieves “Frenzy” and is an all out free-for-all. A frenzy battle zone can’t be locked by anyone except Kings/Queens, Bosses, and Elite characters/players.

When a player dies, that player can choose to press nothing and wait to be revived by someone else or that player gets to choose options to return to the entrance of where that player died, choose between servers for to return to the open world, or choose to go to the equipment graveyard. If you die more than 10 times, the option to return to the entrance of where you died is no longer available. Your mic still works while you’re dead. You gain no exp/items when you are dead.

The map has many continents. Every continent is made up of zones. Each zone has its own enemies and friendlies. Most of the time, all enemies and/or friendlies in each zone are around the same level in their zone. When all enemies in a zone are defeated or all of the accomplishments are completed for a zone, the last players left have to battle each other. Whoever conquered the zone has the title of “Boss” of that zone and that player gets to choose what enemies that that zone will now contain. That player chooses those enemies based only on all of the enemies that that player has ever defeated in the game, Bosses included (different color scheme for bosses), except players. That player also chooses the level of those enemies but only up to the level of the highest level enemy that that player has ever defeated. If a “boss” player’s zone is conquered by another player, that “boss” player loses the title “Boss”.

There is a King/Queen for every continent, either a player or an NPC. Every King/Queen gets to have 4 elite characters. If you defeat a King/Queen in battle, you get his/her crown and title. Kings/Queens can pick his/her elite characters from their list of friends or their created AI characters. For being King/Queen, you get the special item “crown” which boosts stats. You can keep the crown equipped even when you’re not King/Queen but you can’t wear it appearance-wise unless you’re King/Queen. Elite characters are only elite for as long as the King/Queen, who made them elite, stays King/Queen. Kings/Queens can enter any battle zone anytime even if it is locked. Kings/Queens can attack any character, including other players, that they want at any time.

If the battle zone is locked when you get up to any boss/miniboss in the story, dungeon, temple, cave, castle, or etc, you can go up to something there and press a button to fight the battle in another server either alone or with other players to progress. You can’t re-fight bosses/minibosses unless you re-enter the entrance. You can enter servers with parties. You can complete any part of the game solo or in a party. A party can consist of all the players along with all of their created AI characters. There are servers with lobbies for dungeons, temples, caves, castles, or etc that wait to be filled, to a limit, to start the dungeon, temple, cave, castle, or etc with the players that were in those lobbies.

There are summons that you gain from leveling up, summons that you get from achievements, and summons that you get from defeating enemies. You gain most of the big bosses that you face in the game as summons for defeating them. You are only allowed to have a limited number of summons. When you use a summon, you have the option of summoning one of its very powerful attacks, or summoning it as an AI party member. If you summon it as a party member, you can switch between controlling it or your characters. Summons only last 4 minutes. When your summon is done or dismissed, you have to wait 4 minutes before you can use a summon again.

You can get beasts and etc to ride to make your traveling much easier. You can get to ride them by taming them with items or fighting them. While riding beasts/summons, you can take a certain amount of damage before being knocked off or disoriented. Higher level speed races let you be attacked by non-racers. If you tame the same species enough times, you can get them as a pet or summon and you can summon them whenever you want. Some beasts/summons can run on any terrain including water, up walls, mountains, and even up trees so you can get to hidden areas and hidden treasures/enemies/summons/etc. Some species have the ability to fly. There are also vehicles that you can use for easier travel.

You don’t have to have a beast/summon to fly. There are items that you can get that gives your party the ability “fly”. Using these items, you are given the ability “fly” for 10 minutes to fly or not as you please. There are ways to permanently get the ability “fly”. Flying is like it is in the game Kingdom Hearts 2 except when you choose the option “ascend”. When you choose “ascend”, you have free-flying control for all heights and directions. There is a button that you can hold to automatically fly towards whatever you are locked-on to. With the ability “fly” you can get to floating areas and hidden areas such as floating dungeons, floating temples, floating castles, floating islands, and hidden treasures, enemies, summons, etc.

There are competitive flying races and other races that you can do to earn things. There are different forms that your character can turn into such as a beastly form. These forms are abilities that can be unequipped to give you other options such as double summon, etc. You can customize your character’s race, color, appearance, and etc anytime that you want except within battle.

There is an ability called “Unlimited Jump” that is like the ability “Double Flight” in the game Kingdom Hearts: A Fragmentary Passage, except it’s not limited to double. There is an ability called “ground-lock” that allows you to land and run around on the air as if there is an invisible ground in the air, like they do in the anime Bleach. It turns off every time that you get hit by anything. With these two abilities you can get to floating areas and hidden areas such as floating dungeons, floating temples, floating castles, floating islands, and hidden treasures, enemies, summons, etc. There is another ability called “teleport”, that lets you teleport to a random spot next to anything that you are locked-on to. After every 4 times of usage of this ability, you have to wait 4 minutes until you can use it again.

All of a player’s characters can level up to a maximum of level 370. There are optional ultimate bosses that are level 400. Some of these bosses always leaves the player a legendary thing when defeated. There’s a large variety of legendary things including a crown. Any time that you want, you can level lock your character/s, this keeps them from gaining exp until you switch level lock to off.

Tournaments vary from player vs player, player vs computer, team vs team, and team vs computer. A player’s status such as Boss, King, or Elite appears next to his/her name when you lock on to him/her. You can definitely see other players’ health bars as long as they are allies. There are items, that you can buy or obtain, that can warp you to friends, etc. When you warp to a friend, you warp to that friend’s location or to the entrance of wherever that friend is.

The equipment graveyard is where all the equipment that players sold, lost, or got rid of, are littered all over the place. There are no enemies except the players that can attack you. Also except if you go up to a weapon or piece of equipment and challenge it. You will then fight a ghost copy of the player that the weapon or piece of equipment once belonged to, including that player’s level and things, exactly as that player was when that player lost or got rid of that weapon or piece of equipment. You earn that weapon or piece of equipment exactly as it was when it was lost, scrapped, or sold. Only the player who challenged the weapon or piece of equipment is the one that gets that that weapon or piece of equipment after defeating it.

All weapons and pieces of equipment have levels, stats, and optional qualities/effects. All weapons and pieces of equipment can be leveled up and altered via the equipment world like in the game Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. The color schemes of enemies and bosses are different there. You can reset a weapon back to level 1 if you want, the stats go down but the appearance, qualities, and effects stay the same.

You can constantly earn things or buy things for appearance. You can keep, toss, trade, or sell whatever you want except abilities, skills, summons, crowns, and trophies. You can give money to whoever you want. You can get, earn, or unlock optional appearance things such as pointy ears, tails, a variety of wings, wing color, accessories, glasses/shades, jewelry, markings, and tattoos. All appearance things are obtainable and equipable from as soon as you first play. The variety is not all readily available for sale but can be either earned, traded, or sold by any player. Most of it is for sale from the start with a lot of it being ridiculously expensive, but any player can give you free money or let you earn it. Nothing can be bought or obtained with real life money, strictly in-game money.

There are varieties of items, weapons, equipment, and cards with the same name. These varieties include differences in look/appearance, stats, abilities, effects, and attributes. You can steal only weapons and equipment from other players. You can only steal from other players if they are enemies. To steal, you have to be in a battle zone and use steal-type attacks, techniques, or skills. Against other players, your steal success chances vary between 5%, 10%, and 15%. Against non-players, your chances can be much higher.

You can collect cards and there is an ability to turn enemies into cards like in the game Final Fantasy VIII. You can play the card game against other players, trade cards, or get cards from enemies, treasures, prizes, etc. Cards can be converted into items. Strong and rare cards can be converted into the best and rarest items. You can challenge any player or NPC to a card game when not in battle. There are card tournaments held at different locations. You can hear and mute mics while playing cards. You can also skip straight into playing the card game through the title menu where you strictly play cards. All cards and items are shared between your characters in the actual game and in the title screen card game. There are different card game rules in different locations. If no rules are set, players can play with agreed-upon rules or the rules are chosen at random. Any player that becomes a “Boss” of a zone, gets to pick the card rules for that zone. Any player that becomes a “King/Queen”, gets to pick the card rules of any card game that that “King/Queen” plays.

You posted a similarly long idea 2 years ago, what have you done so far?

20 times you used the word mic in the first two paragraphs…

What you’ve done there is just describe about 10 of your favourite games mashed into one game and not even in an interesting way…

I’m not really sure what sort of response you were hoping for on that brain dump…

This is a big ass game, looks a bit complex too. You working on this alone or you gonna assemble a crew???

I’d love to work on it but I have no experience. I would even pay for people to work on it but I don’t have the money right now.

I’d love to work on this myself but I have no experience. I would assemble a crew but I don’t really have anything to offer on my part.

So why’d you post here and then spend more than a year doing nothing?

My computer failed and I havn’t had a decent one for some time.