Sand Valley UE5 animation

Hi Guys
Here are a few screen shots and also an animation of my latest environment design which I created with Maya+ Unreal+ Megascans.
As Always I used a GTX 1650 super 4 GB and Intel I7 2700 K for this project.
I really enjoyed the time I spent in Unreal.
C&C are welcomed.
Here you can watch the animation:

Uploading: HighresScreenshot00005.png…


Ah, the creator of the canyon and the modern condo strikes again! As always wonderful job. :slight_smile:

I’m quickly becoming a huge fan of your work and I’m so glad you continue to share it so I can get overly excited everytime I see your name pop up! Look forward to seeing your next masterpiece.

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Thanks for you kind words @PresumptivePanda :slightly_smiling_face:


Nicely made and very relaxing :smiley:

Thanks Steve