Sand texture "waves" on a beach - rotation problem

So I’ve searched the forum for an answer, with no luck. Basically I want to slowly rotate the sand texture on my beach landscape when I texture around my little island so the “waves” details of the sand texture are always horizontal to the shoreline. Is that in any way possible?

Thanks in advance!!!

You wouldn’t do that in the material, you would do that in the shoreline’s UVs. Make the shore basically flat in your art package of choice, UV it, and then distort it without touching the UVs again. Then either use a second uv channel for the normal sand texture, or do a projection. There are a few examples in the free content Epic has up for download, such as in the Elemental demo, the crack in the ice near the end has the UVs set up like this.

Or the more simple option of just making it a decal and placing a few of them across the beach. That works too, but it wouldn’t be 1:1 on the model.

When you just want to rotate the entire texture -> :slight_smile:

@: Oh alright, that would work if the shoreline would be a separate geo from a 3D package. But what about the landscape in the editor ? Can I edit the landscape UVs ? The decal method is also a good idea.

@figther5347: thanks a lot for the link!!!