Sand Box game design artist

Biolab Studios hiring contract labor.

Biolab Studios is a new game studio created this year. We have 4 games in the design and moch up phase with 1 of 4 in development.
We are looking for contractors for all aspects of game development.

Character Creation
Cloth and Armor creation
3D assets
Opening cinematics and graphics
Multiplayer and Network

Contractors must be in good standings
All applicants must submit a pay schedule or rate
All applicants must include a portfolio
Must have a PayPal account in good standings

Minimum Software knowledge:

Unreal Engine 4

All contractors work will be verified for completions and in working order.

If interested in working with a new game studio, Biolab Studios may be your answer.


Just to clarify, when you are looking for “software knowledge” in paypal, are you looking for people that have experience integrating Paypal into games as a payment method for in-game purchases?