Sanctioned Docker registry?

Thanks to [USER=“1809752”]Adam Rehn[/USER] and his amazing ue4-docker [1] project, packaging projects, continuous integration, server rendering and more inside Docker is now a breeze. It seems that the value of this work could be boosted greatly through an officially sanctioned Docker registry, saving devs all over the world countless hours in build time. Would using Git LFS storage of docker image tar balls [2] on GitHub forks of UnrealEngine be something Epic would recommend as a workaround for not having a Docker registry? Or is there some other way the great folks at Epic would recommend supporting this superpower of a use-case? Thanks in advance for your time answering this!


If anyone wants to follow on the GitHub side, see Gated registry? · Issue #16 · adamrehn/ue4-docker · GitHub.

Currently, it’s considered possible that GitHub’s new beta “GitHub Package Registry” might meet the licensing requirements for a Docker Registry because it’s tied to the same authorisation used for the GitHub-hosted source itself.