San Francisco Apartment Video

Hello everyone,

I work for an architectural firm in the Bay Area and this is a project we did to expand our company’s portfolio. Thank you for watching and your feedback and comments are welcome.

great work sir, keep pushing more like that, the only thing i notice was the reflection in the bathroom, is blurry and distort, that afternoon lights feels fantastic!!! and the contact shadows!!! super clean work!

Thank you very much, ZkarmaKun. Yes, clean mirror reflections are tough to achieve in Unreal. The lighting took some time to figure out, thanks for the compliments. Also, “mam” is a more suitable way to address me :wink:

In SF, with BOTH a kitchen AND a bedroom? It has to be like $8k/month, or $2M if purchased?

Nice looking video. The one little issue I see, that I also have but cannot fix is at 0:24 on the very bottom with the tessellation. This seems to be an annoying bug that I guess they can’t fix or something. Otherwise, really great work!

hi @dashajak maybe you can try a camera capture with render target , this must be solve the blurry and distort reflection with some performance cost, just for the mirror of course, i m not tired to see that light jajaja, great work again!

@ZkarmaKun, thanks for the tip! I noticed that that technique doesn’t always produce convincing reflections, but for that particular shot it might be just the thing, as camera’s distance to the mirror doesn’t change. @CBR0M3, thank you, I know what you mean, don’t know the solution for it other than fixing it in post. @jwatte, your estimates are actually very conservative! It’s way steeper than that…

Looks incredible! How long did it take you?

Thank you @StephaBon. This project took about 5 weeks. Majority of the models were already available, which significantly sped up the process, so we could focus our attention on lighting and camera work.

Where did you get that chair model?

@jojo8026 3d models - download

Did the chair need any touching up in a 3d program or were you able to just drop it in UE4?

Good job!
The carpet is very nice. What did you use?
What resolution and FPS you used for the movie?

In UE4.12 there’s this new reflection actor you can use that was designed for this exact purpose.
You need to go in to your project settings and go under ‘rendering’ to enable the global clipping plane before it will work, but you can add a ‘planar reflection’ actor to the scene and put it so that it overlaps with the bathroom window there. It will cost you a bit in FPS, but the results will be far superior to anything you would’ve tried before :slight_smile:
Other than that, this is gorgeous.

Love the lighting. Very inspiring work :).

@mexicola Thanks! The carpet came from a market place project. The final movie was rendered in HD res at 30fps. @Construc_ Great tip, thank you! Will have to test it out on the next project. Great work on your site.