Samurai: Ultimate Sword Fight

Greeting. I’m , a game developer wannabe from China.

And this is my game design, Samurai: Ultimate Sword Fight. This is a mobile platform realistic sword-fighting game, and I have made a trailer video to demonstrate the core system and gameplay of the game. I know it may heard like Infinity Blade, but they are totally different.

Because I’m lack of work experience and skills, therefore this video, didn’t have a photorealistic graphics, or realistic motion, I’m really sorry about that.

And I hope I can get help from Epic games or any other teams, make this game out together.

Here is the trailer:


After playing thousands of times mount&blade with my friend, we desire a real fight. And so we did it. The fight was excited, but even though we wear a riot suit, we get hurt easily. And is common to have scruples, so we can’t really fight with full speed and full strength. Then, one night, I suddenly thought, why not make a realistic sword-fighting simulator game? And therefore, the idea of <Samurai:USF> born.

About the game’s theme

There are numerous types of games in the world, why we choose a realistic sword-fighting game? Because people like realistic sword-fighting. If we type “sword fight” in the google image, we will find that so many people are keen on this. Game or movie with a warrior as the protagonist are innumerable. Obviously, swordsmanship, warriors, are very popular.

There are numerous types of warrior in the world, why we choose Japanese samurai? Because people love it. Kill Bill, Last Samurai, Iaido, Katana, has become an indispensable element of a super masterpiece.

There are numerous types of console in the world, why we choose mobile platform? Because the large number of users, low development cost, and the most critical is, touch screen is ideal to simulate a realistic fight which has a strong directionality, do what traditional controller can’t do.

Scilicet, the born of <Samurai:USF>, is rational, and inevitability.

About the system design

We want use a simple control, to reach a realistic sword-fighting experience. However, people’s limbs are very complex and sophisticated. So, how to make out a most suitable control, to reach the most core content of a sword-fighting, became a issue. After study “tenshin shoden katori shinto ryu”(a Japanese swordsmanship schools),and many times practice with my friends, I designed the core combat system of the game: slash with directionality, stance, Aiki sword, sword clash. And these contains almost 90% general swordsmanship image.

And the most important system, is physical collision and Aiki sword.

Each moves has their own features: power, speed, reach, stability, when two sword collision, engine use these parameter, and collision normals, to calculate the results. This is the other games which based on animation doesn’t do. And the benefits is completely unpredictable process of the fighting, just like what happened in the real world. Therefore, this game didn’t have that complex move list, very long combo input. People play the game very simple and intuitively, but realistic.

The Aiki sword system based on QTE, let we do very cool motion like movie and game CG. These motion are very complex, almost impossible to really “control”. But essentially, they are still attack and defense. So we can use directionality QTE. Player still highly concentrated like a real fight, the only difference is slide their finger, instead of control limbs.

If there are any amateur,pick up a PVC pipe, and fight with his friends. He will find out that this game contains almost every thing he would do in the real world.

About the end product

I consider, the end product of <Samurai:USF>, should be involved with japanese martial arts directors, AAA graphics, Tested gameplay.

It should have a completed custom system help players create their own characters.

It should have a completed inventory, and very playable single player mode.

It should have an arcade mode and a versus mode to battle with players or CPU

It should have some mini games, for people to kill some times.

And in the future to add more brand new types of weapons, like ryoto(dual sword), naginata, yari(spear), wakizashi(short sword).

About cooperate

I wish I could be able to entry epic games or any other teams, as assistant director or assistant designer. Or any other possible kind of help to help me make this game out. While <Samurai:USF> has the potential to became a top-class masterpiece. It probably will be the next Infinity Blade or even better!

Thank you for your reading, I’m looking forward your reply.:slight_smile:

These mechanics look really fun. Sorta reminds me of Bushido Blade! I look forward to seeing where this goes, especially with all new art assets

The mechanics look really good so far and yes, it reminds me of Bushido Blade, that game was great

Looks good! and this reminds me of Kendo lol the stance and movement all seem too similar but hey man keep it up hope it turns out well!

After this game come out, and when you argue with someone, you two can take up smartphone and have a real duel!!!(and post your result to the rank board:))

I just can’t wait to see it!

Looking forward to more! Nice job :slight_smile:

Good job! Have you made this with the UE4 or with UDK? -> because some assets that you use are from UDK :slight_smile:

with UDK :), and I’m going to replace some art assets…very soon!

new art assets


Then check out the UDK forum: https://forums.epicgames/forums/366-UDK :wink: