Samurai Shodown II - Remake

Good evening friends! I returned to my studies and continued project Samurai Shodown II Remake. See how it’s getting. CC Well lives. Sorry for the google translate[ATTACH=CONFIG]1587



You gonna use 3D models or sprites for characters?

Hi, . I will use 3d models. As in Street Fighter 4 but with more realistic materials. I hope to get.

Did you start this in UDK a while ago? I swear I remember seeing it there and thinking it was awesome too. Looks great still.

That’s right, Keiyentai. I started this project in UDK but I was one year without working on it for lack of time. With the coming of the UE4 I just ported all he had done for her. All models are the same, the materials have changed and especially the lighting.
Sorry for using google translate …