Samsung Galaxy Tab A - Stationary Directional Light supported on this device?

Hi community, I need some advice in general about whether or not the Galaxy Tab A (8 in) should be considered as a baseline android device for 3D games. I’ve seen 3D games being played on this device, but I’m not sure given the weakness of the gpu, if the Tab A can support a stationary directional light for dynamic shadows from your character and baked shadows for the environment (default lit shading model). It’s possible mobile HDR might have to be turned off to achieve this, and I’m okay with that, but dynamic character shadow and faked specular highlights from point lights and a normal map on a simplified water surface are important to me (think Oceanhorn). Are Oceanhorn-like visuals possible on this device using UE4? Has anyone tested a stationary light setup on the Tab A?

Thanks so much for your time and advice. I really need to purchase the correct baseline device ASAP, so any feedback is super appreciated!


EDIT: Interestingly, the first video linked below (using medium graphics quality) appears to disable environment shadows and uses a fake blob shadow for the character. But on high graphics (2nd video below), dynamic shadows are definitely being used.

For some reason, this site kept saying “you are not authorized to view this page” when trying to edit the links, so here they are:

Does anyone on here own this device? I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

‘We’ have both an 8 and 10 inch Samsung tablet. What exactly do you want tested and how? I’ve never targeted a mobile device so I have no experience with that, although I’d love to one day. I’m still writing my first game targeting PC only so far.

Thanks Loucsam for your reply! Without bothering you to go through the hassle of deploying the basic 3rd Person Template to Android as described in the Android Quick Start, I suppose the next best thing would be to see how Oceanhorn performs on the 8 inch Tab A, using the “High” graphics setting (which features dynamic shadowing and decent water effects). If it appears to be running at high frame rates without dropping frames, I would say there’s a good chance a stationary light would work well with UE4 (but of course, Oceanhorn used a custom game engine, so it’s not quite a fair comparison). Again, thank you so much for your time.


I’ve tried it on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10 inch so far, and seems to work flawlessly, beautiful graphics, no FPS issues whatsoever that I could notice. (Without using any form of FPS display I mean, using the default settings.) Wonderful. Where are the graphics settings? … I finished the free version and started again. I see the graphics settings there, and changed to high. Playing again…so far I noticed 3 rays of light coming from the sky and better graphics in general.

Thank you so much for testing that, Loucsam! From what I’ve read, the Tab A 10.1 uses a 1.6 GHz 8-core CPU, while the Tab 8 uses a 1.2 GHz 4-core CPU. This should give the 10 inch model a greater boost in performance, and combined with the much higher res screen, it is a better tablet overall. However, if the 8 inch can compete in graphics, then that would be good news, as I’m guessing more kids might have their hands on that one, since it’s (currently) $100 cheaper… but I suppose that all depends on how much their parents are willing to splurge on them! :rolleyes: