Sams teach yourself C++ VS C++ For Dummies

Sams teach yourself C++ in 21 days covers C++11, but I suppose I won’t need it. C++ For Dummies may be nice. But, there are other books about this programming language. What book/resources have you used to learn C++?


this is the best. But in Uni they made us learn C first before we did C++

I will look for a book that says **Visual **C++, just so it covered C++ and specifically also the Visual C++ complier.

The Visuals C++ UI isn’t like the most friendly UI (not the worst), but it get some tinme to get used to, so its good if the book cover some UI & features of viusal C++ since this is what you gonna use likely.

Visual C++ is only for Windows. I would like to release my games for Mac and Linux too. So, I think C++ only is better :slight_smile:

First off, assuming you are looking for something to help with UE4 development is the basis of my response. General coding outside of this, especially if working in a team would be in that future, may require quite a different approach. C programming as mentioned above seems recommended a lot from my research, meaning to get this myself soon but so far I’ve gone through: plus some various cookbook style titles.

IMHO, if the book gets you coding then it’s fine. Consider mixing up between the beginner style books and the standard reference material. Sometimes you just need a quick primer and other times you need some real in depth information, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with having both. Much of the examples in these books don’t translate directly into UE4 anyway because here you’re attaching code to an existing system, not coding some hello world text output from scratch. So reading tutorials, demo projects, combined with several styles of reference material (beginner style and core reference material) may result in the most rewarding outcomes. Mastering the language will come with time, but it might be nice to make a few games along the way :slight_smile: