Samples: license?

“You may feel free to use any of these systems or elements in your own games.” - Sample games

this sounds awesome, but just to clear it up: can we use anything from code, blueprints, textures, staticmeshes, skeletalmeshes, sounds?

also does this include all the other Samples or just the Sample Games? does this also include comercial usage?


When I asked very specifically about using the Shooter Game Skeletal Mesh, probably one of the assets Epic has spent the most time on, the response I get was a very emphatic and pleasant “Yes, you can use any assets commercially or non-commercially”

I do think Epic’s answer in link above applies here as well :slight_smile:


The answer is “Yes, you are free to use anything provided in the samples/demolets/etc.”

However, we do request that you not publicly display any major elements of our samples yet. For instance, sharing a gameplay video that shows one of our meshes in the background should not be an issue. However, showing a video that features an entire level or sample gameplay is something that we prefer to be avoided for the time being.

Let us know if you have any questions about this.


I don’t want to sound like a snitch but there is this. :\

Thanks. We are already aware of this video.