[Sample Game] Simple but complete Online Multiplayer game

Hi community, I´ve been busy for a while so I wasn´t adding updates to my backpack, but I got some free time so I´m presenting a little project I made just for fun.

I´m planning on releasing it FOR FREE when finished, and it´s intended to be used as learning resource for people willing to make an online multiplayer game.
I know there are other examples on the net, but most of them are outdated or to complex to understand, mine has the minimun content needed for a simple online multiplayer game, and it has this features:

  • Simple create session (TODO)
  • Simple join session (TODO)
  • Character respawn
  • Shooting system (with different types of weapon (bullets, missiles, flamethrower…))
  • Different characters (no selection, you get one random each time you die)
  • Dynamic materials change (when you get hurt, your char will show a sad face, or a :0 face when you shoot)
  • Powerups (TODO)
  • Sprint system (with effects and input block)
  • Jump with effects
  • Player stats (like kills, deaths, …) (TODO)
  • Deathmatch game mode
  • Camera shakes (TODO)

All its** made with BluePrints**, no c++ code has been used here.

If you like this and want it to be released soon, make some noise on this topic and Ill send it to marketplace!

(Im trying to upload pics, but Im getting “Database Errors” right now)

Yo will see examples of how to replicate actions, effects, respawning, use of interfaces, inheritance in BPs, …