Sample first person arms for animation?

Hi folks, first time posting, all that jazz.
Through the video tutorials on UE4’s Youtube channel I have created a simple first person blueprint; where I can jump, crouch, run and whatnot.

Currently though, I don’t have any first person mesh to use for said BP.
I know my way around modeling, rigging and animating fairly well, but for the sake of speed and efficiency I wondered if there were any good sample (fully rigged) models I could use to practice animation blueprint on?
Even the simplistic mesh from the template First Person BP would do nicely, but I can’t seem to import it into my project.

FYI, my goal here is to animate a one handed hacking weapon (like a hatchet or a pickaxe) and have it damage objects and eventual enemies, it would just be nice to have some arms to work with.

Thanks in advance =)

Maybe you should check first person template, it’s hands could possibly work for your purpose.

I saw something on a different tutorial vid about ‘exporting’ from a different project into an FBX file, maybe I could give that a try.
I also saw that Maya had a cool custom character animation plug-in, but I only have 3ds max.

Probably the best arms for FPS that are available are in the ShooterGame sample. They don’t have weapons already attached to them like the Template one does.