Sample Distribution Shadow Map

This seems to be a good alternative for Cascaded Shadow improvement.

Surprised no one cares about it. That Sample Distribution Shadow Map method can eliminate this major problem of current cascaded shadow in UE4. Any ideas?

The Sample Distribution Shadow Map technique looks pretty good from the video, I do have it on my list to have a go at implementing later to see the difference compared to cascaded. Just to let you know also, its still the weekend for most people, that may be a reason why no-one has responded.

Sounds great. :rolleyes:

Probably this give a FPS drop in some cases because need a bigger near layer of the shadow.

Please Epic we need better quality in the shadow transitions :confused:

SDSM is just better way to calculate where to put cascades. It’s use depth buffer to calculate where the shadow receivers are so you don’t need to waste shadow map space for redudant areas.

It’s funny to see folks caught up in small details like that. Just make a game first :slight_smile:

Well that is not related at all, is a graphical problem in some cases.