Sample Content in Marketplace Plugin?

I am soon ready to submit my project to the marketplace and am currently doing a pass on the assets. My project is focused on code and blueprints but has a lot of visual third party assets simply to showcase the features.

In the guidelines I read that I am allowed to have third party assets if they are public domain and I credit the sources. However currently I am also using assets from example packages like the Content Examples, Animation Starter Pack and Example content.

My question is, can I include this content in my pack, provided I only use the UE4 marketplace? In my mind I don’t see it as a big deal, since all users can download the aforementioned content from it anyway. However if it is a problem I would need to start replacing assets with my own now.


So long as the UE4 content example assets are not the focus of the pack, you can use it in your submission. Ultimately the review staff will have the final say, but that’s what we’ve been told in the past when this question has come up before.