Same widget in 2 actors?


I use one widget (my menu) around each hand (radial menu left and radial menu right). I have buttons and images on those buttons on those menus. I still get the menu (when pressed) on the right or left hand, but the menu on ‘the other hand’ is always unusable. The images on the menubuttons are not loaded on ‘the other hand’.
I tried making a second widget and splitting up right and left hand, but that doesn’t fix the problem.

RadialMenu left and RadialMenu right are childactors of my pawn. Each childactor on his turn has a widget component.

Any idea what I am I missing?

Thank you for your time




Maybe creating 2 separated “RadialMenuWidget” (Right / Left) and 2 “RadialMenuActor” would make it.

It seems that the system allready made 2 actors. Screenshot while in run

I tried to make a left and right radialmenu widget a while ago but that didn’t change the outcome :confused:

Some screenshots of your MenuWidget and MenuActor would be helpful to understand how it works

Creating 2 actors and 2 widgets made it work. I did have to fix all references inside the actors that referenced the old widget. So it worked! Thanks!