Same Texture Scale for different Mesh Sizes

As you can see in the photo I have two two roof halves, the left one is the middle piece, the right one is the end. My question now is how do I get the roof texture in the same value and brightness on the roof meshes without improving multiple material instances. is there a ne setting how does Mesh Properties or what? World aligment Texture was the only Option ive foun so far. But it seems to eat extreme much Performance and isnt Compatible with destructable meshes .

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If they are seperate mesh then you could open the 3d mesh in you application and set same texel density for both.

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You can use TextCoord node to tile or better solution is WorldAlignedTexture!

Thank u . But i have a Question to WorldAlignedTexture. Everywhere i can read that its using much more Performance than a Normal Setup of Materials . But nowhere i can read why . If i Set Up a Normal Material OR World AlignedTexture and lets Say i came Out By 200 Instructions for Both Ways. Will be the Impact that much ? I know it depends on what Functions i call in the Material , but is there some Massiv extra Processes for World Aligment that i didnt know /See ?
Or is Performance in that Case No more a big Thing since the Old Days of Unreal Engine /Infos About World Aligment?

Well the Thing is i Work with modular meshes and Sometimes i need to Stretch them a Bit , so it will be a extreme afford to Overwork every object

Texel density in external dcc + texturecordinates in engine will work only if you do not strech mesh in the engine. If you plan to strech the mesh in engine then may have to rely on WorldAlignedTexture, it not that that expensive some extreme material instruction I use are around ~2000!

You could visualize the shader instruction intensity by pressing β€œalt+8” (not the nuberpad 8), or going to view - lit - optimization view modes - shader complexity.

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