Same AnimBP, different skeletons?

Hi guys, I’ll try to be synthetic!

Basically, I have a game with a BUNCH of weapons (we’re talking about 30 weapons). The idea is to have a parent BP with the basic functions (shoot, reload, aim…) and values (damage, range, rate of fire…) and then to have all the specific weapons as children.
Now, these weapons have to be animated. I did some research and looks like people, for this kind of things, have a single AnimBP with a switch/select node to recognize (thanks to an index or wathever) what weapon you have selected right now, because obviously, the “plasma cannon” will have a shooting animation that is different from the “flare gun”.

The problem is: my weapons need to be drastically different. To use a single anim bp, I need a skeletal mesh (that would be the one contained in the parent bp, in this case) and a single skeleton, shared by all weapons, that as said, performs different animations depending on the selected weapon. BUT I’d really, really need to have different skeletons. Said weapons are just drastically different and using a single skeleton would be beyond uncomfortable.

Can I switch skeletons? Can it be done? Is this even possible? Am I looking at the wrong solution? Do I have to creato 30 anim bps?

Looking forward to your experience. Thanks for your time!

Hey Thompson,
Thank you so much. I had only one experience with animations, and it was with character and it was quite long ago. I had no idea how to manage the thing, you solution makes everything ten times easier and faster than I thought.
Very helpful, thanks again!

P.s.: I can’t mark your answer as correct because you posted it as a comment!

animation bp should be tied to one skeleton at least i believe thats the case. for your case though you probably don’t even need to create a anim bp for the weps you just need to play singular animations. for example you would probably have a fire animation since its guns right, so you would just have a fire function in your actor that connects to the play anim node or a play montage node. for play anim all you need to do if input a skeletal mesh and tell it the animation to play. assuming your storing all your data in dataTable then its very easy to do.