Samaritan demo and other content

I was wondering if Epic Games has any plans on releasing Samaritan source or at least binaries to run it. It has been quite a few years now and it looks like UE4 is being used more than UDK is now.Another question is that I find it extremely peculiar that apex destruction was released for UDK but the turbulence module was never released for UDK as it was only released for ue3. Supposedly files that need patching? It would be
cool to tinker with Samaritan demo source or at least the turbulence module for the older UDK as these things are extremely awesome yet they are pretty old now compared to Unreal Engine 4.

Incredible demo! Interesting all the comments that say it looks better than UE4 now :slight_smile:
Doubt Epic will release it though as it takes a lot of time and effort to shrink-wrap it…

Cool, I never seen that first video before with descriptions. thanks for the link : ) and yes, I always thought it was one of the most brilliant tech demo’s ever made in history even 10 years from now it will still be amazing.

It doesn’t seem like they are carrying on development of UDK so unfortunately it probably won’t show up at any time :frowning:

Say it aint so!!! aahhhh