Sam Pike - Remote Developer available for hire

Hi all,

The templated information can be found below, but below are a few paragraphs by me conveying the same information in a more personal manner!

My name is Sam Pike and I’m a remote contractor with 3 year industry experience. I have used UE4 for the large chunk of this 3 years, and am very competent with the various parts of the engine. Whilst I am predominantly a programmer, I have worked a lot with UMG, materials, game design, particle systems, animation blueprint, sequencer and many of the different aspects of the engine.

I am also a VR and AR specialist, having worked on many different VR projects, including games, out-of-home entertainment, and 360 degree experiences using a custom 360 renderer plugin.

The diversity of my work is a strong example of my flexibility to work to whatever your needs may be, for example, I worked in close partnership with a motion capture studio to produce a real-time pre-visualisation of their motion capture actors on digital characters - not something your every day game developer would necessarily have worked on. I also created a VR demo for the BBC based around one of their long standing, and best loved IP’s.

To gain a little more information about who I’ve worked with, please feel free to visit my company website and of course feel free to email me at [EMAIL=“”]

Skillsets: Developer/Programmer

  • Blueprints
  • C++
  • UMG
  • Materials
  • Game Design
  • Particle Systems
  • Animation Blueprints
  • Sequencer
  • VR
  • AR

Previous Work:
360 degree experience with Austella
Remote Contract UE4 Developer
(Created custom 360 render plugin, and handled all logic and animation blueprints for the experience)

Upcoming VR title with Triangular Pixels
Remote Contract Unity Developer

‘The Other 99’ - Burning Arrow
UE4 Contract Developer

In-house VR experiences for potential clients - Relative Dimensions
Lead Developer
(Created a VR Demo that we showed to various out-of-home entertainment prospect clients, and a bespoke demo for the BBC based upon one of their best-loved IP’s)

C++ UE4 animation plugin - Relative Dimensions
Lead Programmer
(Created in close partnership with Centroid motion capture, this C++ plugin allows for real-time previsualisation of motion capture performers on digital characters)

Unfortunately, due to the nature of a lot of my work not being public just yet, the portfolio available to see is limited. However please check out for my full list of clients.

Email: [EMAIL=“”]
Skype: Samuel Pike (based in Penryn, UK).

Additional Information:

  • Based in Cornwall UK
  • Primarily looking for remote contract work, but also open to other opportunities
  • Currently available for full-time remote work with immediate availability

If you have any feedback about this posting, please feel free to comment below or contact me at my emails address