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Open again for requests and creating assets/systems!

Hey I just wanted to say that I have been working with Celeste on my project and her work is top notch. She created a great Spell casting system for my project. The blueprints are easy to understand and very cleanly laid out. She was very helpful and even did a call on Skype to walk me through on how to adjust some of the settings for making the system work exactly how I wanted it to. I highly recommend working with Celeste!

Still available for work!

PM sent :smiley:

New tutorial is up!

Working with Céleste has been a pleasure, her Blueprint work is well documented with little to no errors and she has been very responsive with implementing feedback in a timely fashion when requested.

I would highly recommend Céleste for work on any Blueprint related system(s) you may require.

Celeste is very talented, a blueprint mastermind! Not just great quality, but also very fast and thorough with really reasonable rates! Support is top notch, probably one of the best blueprint programmers you will find!

Always answered any questions I had, went over specific nodes to teach me how it all worked, supplied update videos, everything you would expect from a professional unreal developer, and more!

I’m open again temporarily for smaller tasks.

Ordered two smaller systems from Celeste and she had them done lightening fast, honestly I was shocked to see an email from her just a hour or so after working out the details. She also helped me integrate the systems into my game.

Very pleasurable person to work with and amazing rates.

Hey Cel,
feel free to contact me when you’re free for work again.

Once again open for contracts!

Any chance you would be willing to work by the hour? Also I personally find 130% price for replication a little high.


For this it’s best to discuss in private, can i add you on skype? And thanks for the input, i’ll take it in consideration.

Sure thing, add me on Skype and we can discuss this further.


Sent you an email. Waiting for your reply. :slight_smile:

We are back online and available for contracts.

We’ve just released the Auction House on our Store!

check it out here:

Celeste has been amazing in her help with Galaxy Heist and other projects/questions . Definitely recommended if you need any help with getting something working in UE4!

Still available for work!

Added our game-jam video!