Salk Institute

Trying to rebuild the Salk Institute in Ue4. Everything is temporary as I finish the buildings. Using the LPV because i’m too lazy to do UV lightmaps lol.
Model will be around 1 000 000 verts. Materials are verrrrry basic. Placeholders.

Preview :


Model is almost done, materials are still placeholders… still have so much to learn in Ue4!!!


Nightish version with new wooden window frames. Lil bit of photoshop. Will do a video soon!


Looking good dude!

Really should do lightmaps though, they add a lot to detail with AO and now in 4.5 with their distance softening.

LPV can work just fine for this as long as you dont enter the buildings. But even if you do, you can use post process volumes for interiors and set LPV intensity to 0, and then use reflection captures and additional lights.

I’m gonna try a lightmaps version when I get 4.5!!! Because yea, AO will make a huge difference. Also not too sure how to make leaking and dirt on textures like I would do in V-ray. It’s the next step!