Sale Recommendations?

Title. Looking for things yall are picking up, and recommendations on things you already have that you like and are sale.

I suppose I should give mine:

Stuff I already have:

  1. Long Sword Animi-set Pr by Kubold. Bought it while back. Quality pack and its on sale along with lots of his other stuff.

  2. Real Rock Music Pack. Tracks are dope. Love it.

Stuff I’ve been eyeballing, but haven’t bought yet

  1. Bread Bun and Rolls
  2. Keys Mini Pack - only a dollar
  3. Crab - Animated Creature - only a dollar
  4. Training dummies.

Stuff I haven’t bought yet, but I intend to buy when I finalize my list.

  1. Pedestrians (Animation Pack) by Excalibur studios. I’m not an animator and I highly value quality animations. Been looking for something NPC, non combat related for a good price.

Is that crab still a dollar? I thought I saw it free or cheap , like a dollar , but then they changed something and it was more. I could be thinking of something else though.

The one by Mikolaj Spychal is dollar right now.

I bought all Kubold animations, they too good!

Yes. Kubold’s animations are superb. I’ve been considering picking up another or two pack from him, but I’m torn. Fighting Animset Pro, movement Animset Pro, Rifle, and pistol are the top contenders. Thoughts on those now that you bought the packs?