SALE: Medival Fantasy and Wooden Floor Materials up to 50% OFF

Howdy Folks

Today marks the start of our Marketplace asset sale with up to 50% OFF selected assets. I thought I’d take a moment just to share some information available on each asset.
Medieval Fantasy Tavern **

An internal Medieval Fantasy Tavern Environment featuring Architectural and Decorative Props. 4K Materials add a sense of realism to the scene, with atmospheric effects and lighting. 30 Meshes both Architectural and decorative props with blueprint lighting.

Wooden Floor Pack 4

A pack of high quality 4K wooden floor materials. PBR workflow provides, Basecolor, Roughness and Normal Maps. Each material is setup to allow adjustable parameters; roughness levels, paint levels on certain materials etc.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look, any questions please feel free to Message myself. :smiley: