Sails of War

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It is now and with great excitement that I can share one of our most important milestones as of yet. The internally called “Online Gameplay Alpha”, introducing fully functional pre-alpha online multiplayer gameplay and functionality.

		We thought this was a great time to talk a more about the future, goals and upcoming work. I did so in our first game video Development Diary:
		I did put some more thoughts on paper, head on over to our[Blog]( read all about it.

		Coming up next, alongside two additional ships as well as[SIZE=16px] environment art, is a general overhaul of
		our ocean, water and[/SIZE][SIZE=16px] terrain. This will see us introduce and replicate buoyancy and ships interacting with waves.

		Sails of War is a fast-paced, action-heavy combat game giving you command of your own vessel. Choosing to join either Pirates or their opposing Coalition forces players get to fight for control of the seas. In 4 against 4 team battles on the open ocean, around tropical islands and for hidden coves.[/SIZE]

As development progresses and we post more updates, going into next year our focus will start to shift. Once water and wave interaction is completed our attention will go towards gameplay and testing. Currently working but not polished once in Alpha and Beta we plan to look for feedback and once we are at this point will try to include the growing community.

		If you want to follow development as we start into an even more exciting 2019 please do so in this thread, on our [IndieDB]( or better yet join our [Discord server](
		It has been a blast talking to people on there already and as it grows we can't wait to show more of Sails of war.

		Do make sure to ask any questions you may have, gameplay or milestone related, even technical questions I am happy to answer.

		I hope to see you in chat, until then
		- Lukas

**About Sails of War **
A fun, fast paced, action heavy game multiplayer game. Without any of the annoying grinding or leveling of most modern games our goal is to bring an experience of a couple fun rounds with friends – without having to worry about research trees, unlocks or differing add-ons. Players get to captain one of 4 different type of ship ranging from small cutter to large ship-of-the-lines. Each vessels is different, some are fast and nimble, others are heavy and well armoured.

About Portside Interactive
An indie and micro studio by 3D artist Lukas Stratmann and coder Tobias Moos with an aim to make entertaining games and a love for PC gaming. Both Lukas and Tobias, with a background in multiplayer online games development, are keen to explore new and different designs, as well as more story driven gameplay. Our hopes for Sails of War are to create a fun and well made game, and to enable us to dive deeper into our eventual ideas of atmospheric and more emotional games. Find us on Social Media
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seems really interesting, do you build your own ships? how many ship types are there?
if this gonna be free to play?

seems really interesting, do you build your own ships? how many ship types are there?
if this gonna be free to play?

Thanks! Yes, all ships are custom art by me and for the game. We are currently planning for 4 different classes of Ship, each filling a role in the team. Though players may choose any of the four.
I’d like to include more than 4 ships, but that is currently a stretch goal, we are planning for 4 ships as of right now.

As for release, plans are to have it be a full and premium game. So rather then free2play and including in-game purchases, Sails of War will go with a more traditional pay once and get it all. I don’t have any details on pricing just yet, but we are looking at a fair sub 20$ price tag. To be determined though.