Sailing Yatch // cloth sail socket + rope issues PLS HELP!!!!

Hello everyone, I’m drawing a boat and now I would like to fix the sails.
The sail was rig in 3d studio max with bones and skin exported as a tutorial said in fxb 2016.
In unreal I have all the correct skeletal mesh tree, I created the cloth and the wind works.
When I attach one end of the cable to the flapping winding end of the sail, it seems that the last skeletal mesh is not affected by the simulation of the sail. So I have the wing waving but the cable does not follow it. what can I do? Thanks in advance!!!

You can understand better by image below.

PS: in the “BP_fiocco_2016” the cable end component rope is was setting “Bone003” and not "socket_vela" like in image but still no result.

helpl pls!

How can i do setting a cable end to the waving flag?