Saga of the Sparks: Stories of Black and White

Project Name: Saga of the Sparks , Stories of Black and White

General Information
• Company: Nexus Creative Entertainment
• Website:
• Game Title: Saga of the Sparks , Stories of Black and White
• Platform: PC
• Genre: Fantasy
• Camera View: First Person
• Engine: UE
• Price: $N/A
• Released Date: N/A
• Team Size: 11

Project Started: 01/07/16

Talent Required:
We need anyone who can help us, so everyone who has experience with Engine or is wiling to learn is welcome. If you want to know more about the project, please visit our website.
If you are another studio, we would gladly collaborate (Contact for details).
All applicants/freelancers who want payment per service will need to submit some sort of portfolio of their current experience before their services will be considered.
Note: We will not pay up front. This term is not negotiable.
In order to apply, please create an account on our website

Short Description:
Saga of the Sparks , Stories of Black and White

Description: Saga of the Sparks: Stories of Black and White would be a story driven game based of the book Saga of the Sparks: Stories of a Mage (It’s not published yet, but I could give you a prototype to read). The Prologue and first chapter should explain the basics.
The game would be comprised of two radically different campaigns, that tell the same story from two different angles. In the main meue players will be given the choice which campaign they want to start first, but before I go into detail about the Campaigns, a bit about the world.
The game would be set in the fictional country of the Northern Alliance in the continent of Verold, about seven months before the events of chapter 1 in SoM (Stories of a Mage) and before the White Knight uprising.

Campaign 1: The Association.

The player starts of as a Magistrate First Class for the Association of Mages on a ship. The story: A new militia in the north has been making trouble for local authorities. Since the Association has a base in a nearby town, they send William Magistrate First Class and son of Consul Morbius (The player) to investigate. As the ship nears the harbor, it is suddenly attacked by White Knights and sunk. The player and his team proceed to battle their way through the town, confront a local lord, save an important member of the Association and return to the Association Headquarters for a showdown there. (Chapter 5 describes it from the perspective of one of William’s teammates.
Mechanics: The players primary tool is a set of Fire spells. While incredibly powerful from the get go, casting spells requires energy that only regenerates during time jumps (when the player rests). If the player runs out of energy, he will slow down and no longer be able to cast spells. This means that energy management is absolutely essential, as enemies will easily overwhelm you if you run out. Players who do not manage their energy supplies properly will have to restart the segment. This adds extra runtime. To add strategic depth, I would also add a dynamic fire system so that intelligent players can use the environment to their advantage. (Trap enemies in burning buildings, etc).
Enemies would be different kinds of White Knights who attack the player with everything from swords to bows and fire bombs. This also includes rare heavily armored units that are protected from the players magic and would require an unreasonable amount of energy to defeat if attacked directly, forcing the player to think strategically.
Overall the campaign features many weak enemies that can be dispatched easily and puts emphasis on long term planning and skillfully killing enemies in open fights.

Campaign 2: The White Knights.

The campaign starts of in a small sea side town in the mountains, with a small Association fort near by. The player is a yet unnamed man. The game starts in a fishing boat and the player is given the objective to go home. After reaching the characters house, the player sees a note on a table that reads “We await your signal”, a white mask and a sword. The player picks both up. Then a objective appears that tells the player to walk up to the fort. Once the player reaches the gate, a cut scene starts where the player first talks to, then quickly kills the guards at the gate. Immediately afterwards several other people in the same white masks appear and together they storm the fort. After killing a few weak magicians, the forts Sentinel (a Ice Magician) quickly kills the player’s remaining allies and attacks the player. Directly attacking the magician will result in almost immediate death and the player will have to carefully avoid and outwit the boss in order to kill him with a stealth attack (or by using the environment). The rest of the campaign will include an assault on a city, hunting down an enemy lord and the same ultimate showdown at the Association Hq.
Mechanics: The player will primarily rely on ‘conventional’ weapons like swords, axes, maces, bows and other gadgets to take down mostly overwhelmingly powerful opponents. While one or two strikes with a sword should kill any uunarmored opponent, directly attacking magicians will always result in death and force the player to avoid and carefully kill opponents without getting spotted, as discovery means death.
Enemies would be different types of magicians, each requiring a different approach. Destructionists (Fire, Ice and Lightning) can be easily killed by arrows from afar, but their ranged attacks will make quick work of careless players. Forcers (Kinesis and Shockwave) will require two different approaches. Kinesisists can use a kinetic shield to make themselves highly resistant to normal weapons and will rush players to punch them to death. They are vulnerable to fire though and their shield and energy can be quickly drained by setting them on fire. Shockwavers can create shockwaves and tremors that blast the player backwards, but can also be easily take out with arrows. Coercionists (Healers and Influencers). Healers will provide enemy’s with health and energy boosts, making them much harder to kill. Influencers will not appear in combat. Illusionists have the ability to disorient players with blinding flashes of light and turn invisible.

Most Wanted
UI/Flash Developer
• Experienced with the Adobe Flash AS2
• Experience with Scaleform preferred, but not required
• Responsible for extending the current UI and implementing new features

3D Animator/Rigger
• Experienced in animating using Maya (including Mannequin)
• Existing experience - existing work will be asked for
• Responsible for animating several in game humanoids and animals
• Skype account (required)

Game Programmer
• Responsible for implementing game features in C++
• Must have prior experience in using C++

AI Programmer
• Experienced in creating and modifying custom AI for Engine
• Responsible for creating custom AI for several types of AI characters (and groups of characters)


Are you in need of a level designer or blueprinter?

We need any help we can get.

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NCE Team.


Okay thanks I sent an email!

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Hi! I’m interested in your project also. I have a masters degree in computer graphics and artificial intelligence and I"e worked for three indie games on previously and for two fortune 500 companies and defense contractors. I’d like to be a part of your team.