Safest way to reduce UE source file size

Hi everyone,
First of all apologies for the basic question but I have installed and build UE 4-27 from source currently around 100GB in size. My question is how can I safely reduce size?
As of now I know of 3 methods:

  1. Exclude builds for other OS by excluding them during setup(
    ./Setup.bat -exclude=Linux -exclude=IOS -exclude=Mac -exclude=Android -exclude=LinuxArm64 -exclude=TVOS)
  2. Deleting Intermediate Files (which I think you have to reinstall if you try to modify code)
  3. Removing builds for other OS by clicking opening the Epic Games Launcher > Clicking on the right side of your Engine> Going to Options and Unselecting all OS that you dont need

Am I missing anything else? Any help is much appreciated


I’ve had success previously by removing the Datasmith plugin since I don’t use it. Saved a lot of space.
However I’ve moved away from using the source code directly from github and instead use it from the Epic Launcher without debug symbols. I too have space issues sadly.

I search for all PDB files and delete them ,those are for debugging purpose only.