Safely update build from source engine 4.0.1 to 4.1

Hi guys,

My apologies if that question was already asked. I have a built from source 4.0.1 engine version and current game project, based on it. How do I safely download and install 4.1, saving my editor config, and being able to build my 4.0.1-based projects? Do I just download the sources and put them into engine folder, then build engine, and then upgrade project to 4.1?

And one more thing. If I reinstall Windows, and my folder structure changes (the engine will be in other folder, and project will be in other folder), will this fatally break the project dependencies? Or will it be enough to modify the project file paths in visual studio, to show the new engine folder?

I’m trying to figure out the same thing, there’s no clear way to do it, other than start over from scratch. Not much of an “update”.

I have found here, in the release notes

the info about an option to rebuild the project to 4.1 version. However, I am still afraid about windows reinstallation and broken links.

If unreal will change its path then you need to regenerate project files, right click uproject file and click generate visual studio files

No, this just makes Unreal crash.

Also, I don’t have this “Switch to Unreal 4.1 version” at all


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