Saddle Static Meshes


I’m currently trying to find the “Saber Saddle static Mesh”. I found one but it appears to be a lot smaller than the saber itself. I’m trying to inherit the same traits as the “saddle” for a mod I’m making. I have the blueprint, but I figured if I copied the Saddle mesh I could easily replicate and make small changes to the settings instead of making a whole new one. Some insight or direction would be much appreciated…in the meantime I will tinker with what I have.

I would also like to mention the saddle mesh doesn’t appear to be the same as the “AC static mesh”. For instance if I open up the AC static mesh it gives me a bunch of options "power settings, electricity types, damage etc. " but when I open the saddle mesh it opens another viewport and displays the skeletol mesh with the player. If this makes sense…I’m just trying to find the mesh that lets me edit the settings and change the mesh.

I may be misunderstanding, but these are two separate actions. You assign the mesh to the item that has your settings. So 1. if you want to edit the mesh you want to export it, bring it into your fave graphic program, then import it back in. Then you need to make a copy of the item that references the mesh you edited, make a copy of that, and point it to your new mesh. Could be misunderstanding but I think this is what you are aiming for!

Yeah Basically. I made a new mesh but I want it to be used only with the saddle.It would be worn only when the saddle is on.

if it is the scale you want to change the only way you can do that is by export and import it to a 3d modeling program(i using blender and maya for that) and then export it to a obj then change the scale in there and export to a FBX and then upload it

and as for the saddle they require an animation so they need a skeletal mesh is only structures that are using SM