Sacre Bleu! - A musketeer game

Hi guys!
Here is a first look on my upcoming 2.5D scroller called Sacré Bleu.
Where you’ll play as a musketeer escaping the Bastille.


Here is a link to my website:

And here are some stills from the vid:








I’ve been working on this (part-time) since last October, learning Unreal as I go.
I’m doing this on my own, but Unreal makes the dev-part real easy with bluescript and clever tools.

Hope you’ll like it!

Looking very cute and interesting, keep on trooping. :slight_smile:

Loving the trailer music, art and animation - it works so cohesively together! Very cute and appealing. I’m interested to know more about the combat system, from the UI I’m guessing you can charge your strokes which may affect your hit rate or parry?

Hi Jess and Achilleon!
Thanks for kind words!

About the combat system, yes, I am working to implement a power-charge to deal more damage. I also want to make a system to K.O.(punch out) your opponent when he is low on health.
And then of course there should be different types of enemies (axe-guards etc) which requires different play-styles. Where you will dodge/roll/slide more than fence.
Blueprinting all this is amazingly fun :slight_smile:

Trying to screen this trailer on an indie-meetup in Vancouver today.

Wow… A Spanish indie game website picked up my trailer and made an article about it… So if you read spanish:

[MENTION=212585]Stein Lotveit[/MENTION] Congrats on getting featured, that’s awesome! Your plan for the combat sounds really good too, can’t wait to see it implemented :slight_smile:

Some ConceptArt

Here is some concept art I did a while back while the project was still just an idea.
Here I am playing with various types/shapes of musketeers :slight_smile:

Very interesting, and I love the character designs. Keep at it! =)

Looking good! I love the cartoony 2D style and character design :slight_smile:

This is just classic “Prince of Persia” with updated visuals. Ah the nostalgia…