Sacrament MMORPG - Seeking C++ Programmers, 2D/3D Modelers, and Animators

General Game Design:

The game space will include 20 tiers of progression through PvE, PvP, Crafting, and Creator content.


Millions of years ago single god split itself into 7 (The Sentohrin) in order to more effectively create entire worlds and civilizations to inhabit those worlds. In doing so that god also created similar essences that split one more time (three ways each) to 21 barely sentient essences that would later become full fledged deities. These deities learned to despise this god for not giving them the care to wholly create them as it did The Sentohrin. Players will play through the game after a catastrophic event as the 21 attempt to chase down and destroy the Sentohrin for leaving them as “barely sentient” beings while unraveling the entire story, past and present, and deciding which side to take.

State of the Game:

Before even becoming a company we had an understanding of the scope of the game. We have designed nearly all of the game and are ready for programmers, 2D/3D modelers, and animators to come in and begin working on the project and have level designers building the game space as I type this. We have an insignificant amount of funding (one of the Founders’ pockets - NOT very large at all) and are working towards a combat build so we can display and launch a second Kickstarter.

We currently have design documents for the majority of the game including, but not limited to, threat and threat generation, the faction system, abilities (and everything that encompasses them), the quest system, itemization (and all that encompasses), raid designs, etc…

We currently have highly dedicated 43 volunteers, all under Term Sheets, working on this project.

What Will You Be Working On:

We are looking to begin building basic NPC AI, basic combat mechanics (action-esque), a player model, two or three NPC models, and a core UI.

Our Weaknesses:

Our biggest weakness is that we don’t fully understand marketing. We have recently come into contact with some excellent sources, through some of our volunteers, and are learning as we are performing but we will be looking to hire a marketing staff in the future. Fortunately, we are learning and reaching out to enough companies that we should be well ahead of any other indie company as we launch a combat demo for players to see.

If Interested:

Please send me a message here or fill out our volunteer form (

You can find more information on our website @ and ask any questions you may have here (it may be a few days before the post is seen).

Thank you for your time.