SAAAM | A short narrative game

Hey guys!

Me and my team wanted to share our latest game with you that we’ve made for Ludum Dare 34.

(Download at the bottom of the post)


You play as a Crewmember 341 who is waking up in their cryo-stasis pod on a vessel called Trieste.
You will be assisted by S.A.A.A.M. (System Automation, Assistance, and Analysis Matrix).
Will you do what it wants you to? Will you be obedient?


Link to download:
Ludum Dare Page:


  • Kacper Kowalczuk - Lead Programmer
  • Krzysztof Heldt - UI Programmer
  • Marek Derkowski - Lead 3D Artist
  • Michał Antkiewicz - 3D Artist
  • Daniel Kończyk - 2D and Level Artist
  • Jackson C. Gordon - Writer
  • Elijah Lucian - Voice Actor

We would really appreciate it if you leave your feedback about the game and report bugs if you have found any.

I had a go at playing this game, I thought it was great, the humor definitely reminded me of another game. For me the best ending was definitely escaping the submarine, just to hear SAAAM’s lines at the end.

Glad you’ve liked it! :slight_smile:

No bad at all. I love the narrating voice of S.A.A.A.M.
The lightning is beautiful, but running on a laptop with following specs, I could only play at medium quality. Perhaps this could be optimized?

Inten i7-3630QM 2.40GHz
Geforce GTX 670MX

Beautiful game. Has great potential :slight_smile:

Of course this game can be optimized. :smiley: We created it in 72 hours so there wasn’t much time for optimization, but we’ll have a much better optimized post jam version in about two weeks. :slight_smile:

After I unzipped the project my AVIRA popped up with a warning.

Care to explain?

Someone else also reported that. We’ve tested this game on 7 different computers and none of them detected anything inside the package. I can assure you we didn’t put any viruses inside. :smiley: But if you really want to be sure, you can start in in quarantine mode. The options and unlocked endings just won’t save for you. :slight_smile:

I figured it might be a false positive, but you can’t be too careful these days tbh.

Your game caught my attention and i really wanted to do a let’s play of it for my youtube channel. But i couldn’t make it run correctly on my laptop even at the lowest settings. There was still some lag. If you ever make another game please message me.

We’re currently working on a Post Jam version that will be much more optimized. Maybe you’ll be able to run it smoothly. It should come out in about one and a half week. :slight_smile:

We’ve just released a Post Jam version that includes a new ending, faster doors, bug fixes and much, much more. I’ve updated the download link in the first post. You can also get the game from here.