S6 - Marshmallow update. Rendering broken.


I updated my phone to Marshmallow this morning and now the rendering seems broken.

I’ve tried tweaking settings in the editor, deleting my cooked folder, etc. Nothing seems to fix it. It still looks fine in the editor.

PC - Editor


Galaxy S6 - Marshmallow update.


Any ideas?


Hi Piranhi,

The Galaxy S6 has a Mali-T760 GPU I believe. Updating to Marshmallow would include a new driver which is likely why the rendering changed. Which version of UE4 are you using? 4.11 has a number of fixes for mobile rendering. I would be best to create an AnswerHub with the model and logs from the device (adb logcat -s UE4, or use monitor and add a UE4 tag).

Hey Chris,

Thanks for getting back to me.

This occurred whilst using 4.11. I updated to 4.11.1 and it’s still happening I’m afraid. My other mobile game seems fine though (apart from a small screen banding issue when using bloom which wasn’t there before Marshmallow)

I’ll post on Answerhub.


I just read that 6.0.1 is coming soon to my T-Mobile S6 and now I wonder if it’s worth updating :confused: (it seems rendering and performance issues plague S6 + Marshmallow in regular and VR apps/games using any game engine)

4.11.2 seems to have fixed this issue.