S+ Smithy Mod Integration

I have made a mod that adds a custom structure to the smithy, however it doesn’t show up in the S+ smithy. (works fine in the vanilla one) Is there a way I can add it, is it even possible from my end?

I have posted in the S+ steam forum, but just thought I would throw it out here, in case any of you guys knows the answer.


Join the Ark Modding Discord ARK Modding Discord Link, which has a bunch of useful information on your topic as shown below.


Below is the URL to the above posted information.

Using Resources from other mods

Also Another useful place for info is Ark Modding Website ARK Modding Blog and Resource Collection

Another avenue to take as well is as @Impulse placed in the discord section #tips-tricks-tutorials



Youtube and google are your friends. Hope this helps… Happy Modding!

Thank you so much for the detailed reply.

I can’t believe it was so easy. (I hope I haven’t missed anything during a quick test, but it seemed to work perfectly on my dedicated server)

I just added the S+ folder structure >Mods>StructuresPlusMod>Crafting>Smithy

Copied the original smithy into this folder and renamed it to BP_SmithyPlus

Then in my mods PrimalGameData blueprint, I just added it to the ‘Additional Structure Engrams’ section.

Hmmm, perhaps it wasn’t so simple.

Without S+ or if my mod is before S+ in the load order, it crashes the server…

Any suggestions?


As Posted by Kineko in the previous post:


He had to guess at the inventory component S+ Used and once he was able to figure that out he put a child of the vanilla items there and renamed them to match. He then added all the appropriate references.

Hope this helps with your crash.


Thanks for the reply.

I read through all that stuff again, but don’t really understand, why i would need to mess with the inventory. I also looked through the mod files and don’t see an Inventory component for the Smithy+. Finally I found this thread, which has no mention of the inventory. (Perhaps they didn’t test it without the S+ mod?)

I have asked Kineko, through his mod comment section, let’s hope he can help.

Hmmm, strange goings on here!

After seeing another thread about a similar crash, I followed the advice and copied a new PrimalGameData file to my mod and added back the custom settings. No more crashes so far without S+ and still working with S+.

Fingers crossed!

Good Luck! Let me know how it goes… I hope all goes well.