S-Log Profile on Cinecamera

We are taking some videos from our new scene and we want to capture the video with the S-Log profile.
Anyone knows how to implement an S-Log profile to the camera?
Other question is, how can we change the codec to Apple Pro res 422 or Apple Pro res 444 when rec the video?


Unreal’s LUTs aren’t done in the correct space for anything but adjustments on the post-tonemapped Rec709 image. I’ve only found the math for scene-referred linear to Arri’s LogC, which has worked well in my own tests in the past. If you can find something for converting scene-referred Linear to S-Log, you could build it as a post-process material. You could also do the same for applying a LUT in the material if you have one for scene-referred linear to S-Log.

Thanks, Rosegoldslugs!!
I need to capture the scene like in raw camera to edit after with other software, and we need all the color information like when you record in a digital camera.

Anyone knows how we can use the Apple Pro Res 422 or 444 when capture the video?